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April 23, 2010

Right now I am loving…

Baby naps…yay!

2-year-old ‘helping’ me tell the birds to poop on our grass and not on our swing set

2-year-old who will soon turn 3…can’t believe it

Sack lunches

A great chiropractor

Sesame Street…never thought I’d sit my child in front of a TV, but it has been a god send

My husband…so supportive and even took the day off yesterday to spend with us…life is too short not to

My mom…without her support I don’t know that I would have gotten through the last 8 weeks sanely…thanks mom

Meals…all the people who have made and brought us meals you are fantastic…don’t know when or how I will start cooking again


Sisters…you have been my rocks and constant support…love you!

Preschool activity book…fun and learning in one.  Little 2-year-old has impressed me with all of her knowledge

Front load washer…works like a dream and saves water too

Vegetarian meal we had the other night and recipe for it in the works…yum

Anticipation of Mother’s Day…I love feeling appreciated and it is a special day for me to remember and thank my mom for all of her sacrifices

Lavender bubble bath…smells so yummy and 2-year-old loved it

Diaper laundry done for two days

Thought of a nap

Bunnies in my backyard

Coos and smiles

Bedroom time…great motivator for two-year old to listen


Cozy tan blanket and