Essential Oils

I learned so much at my Holistic Mom’s meeting last night!  I am so excited about all the information I learned regarding Essential Oils.  I currently have 4 EO’s, but wasn’t quite sure what to do with them other than Lavender for cloth diapers, Peppermint for deterring mice and ants, Tea Tree for acne soap and Frankincense (don’t remember why I had purchased this).  I’m excited to try out the EO’s I currently have with some of the new ideas and applications of them I learned last night.

For teething, I am going to try Thieves and Cloves mixed with Agave nectar.
For any upper respiratory sickness I am going to use Thieves on my thumb and then place it in the back of my throat.  It is supposed to make you feel well again very quickly.
Last night and today our daughter got Lavender rubbed on her feet with a little olive oil before bedtime and nap.  It seems to make her relax and feel special during this chaotic time.
For a fever, Lavender is going to be my go to in place of Tylenol. 

I learned that pharmaceuticals are based off of EO’s and herbs.  I never knew this.  I learned that your feet have the thinnest layer of skin and when you put EO’s on them, the EO’s go through every cell of your body within 20 minutes…powerful stuff.  I learned 19 EO’s that are safe for children…this will come in handy.  I learned how to use Lemon EO to take fluoride and chlorine out of your water.  I learned how to make my own hand soap using Theives….I will eventually try this.  Oh, I learned so much and still have so much to digest.  Can’t wait to share all my adventures with EO’s!

Hope you are all well!  Hopefully this little one will arrive soon and I will be MIA for a while I’m sure.  Take care!


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