Grateful For

*  Sore ribs…love this little one growing in my belly
*  New recipes…homemade ice cream and homemade caramel sauce…need I say more
*  Fun movie date with my sisters, mom and neice…Extraordinary Measures is definitely a tear-jerker that you will need tissues for
*  Car seat inspection last week.  It was freezing cold…seriously 16 degrees, but we found out that my daughter’s car seat was broken at the base and we have a new one on the way.  We have been homebound and this has definitely allowed for less stressful mornings.
*  Casadian Farms cereal on sale at Copps.  We bought 5 boxes and got a coupon for organic milk, so the total for each box comes out to $2.60….can’t beat that for organic cereal and it is yummy.  We are buying 10 more boxes, as this sale is too good to pass up and my husband eats cereal every morning before work.  Quick and easy.
*  Warm home.  We have been keeping our heat set at 65 day and night.  We have been covering up and wearing warmer clothes, but it has greatly saved on our heating bill.
*  Internet…this keeps me connected to the outside world, especially during these cold months where we don’t get to the park or out and about that much.
*  Fettuccine Alfredo leftovers.  Yum!  This was a great lunch yesterday.
*  Nap time…ahh…nap time!

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