She Is Going To Be A Big Sister

Soon our daughter will become a big sister.  We are looking forward to the interactions between our two children.  I have so many memories of my siblings growing up and I hope our daughter makes many memories with her sibling too.

Here are some things I want to write down so I won’t forget this time:

*  You ask a lot of questions.  Some of them are:  What can the baby play with?  Can the baby eat that?  Is the baby out of your belly yet?  Does the baby have legs?

*  You are excited to become a big sister.  You tell me this little one is my belly is a girl, but we don’t won’t know until the day he or she is born.  I know you will love him or her no matter what gender he or she is.

*  You like to look at all of your baby toys and baby clothes.  You ask questions like:  Who did I meet when I wore that?  Did I play with that?

*  You enjoy kissing my belly and giving the baby hugs.

*  You tell people,  “That’s the baby’s bottom.”  You say it so seriously too.  Very adorable!

*  You happily moved into your new room and now call the crib the baby’s bed.  You transitioned very well!  Thank you!!!

*  You say things like, “The baby pooped in your belly,” or “The baby peed in your belly.”  Then you will laugh or smile.

I will really miss this precious time with you.  I am trying to soak you in before this new family member arrives.  I hope we don’t lose each other in all the chaos and I hope you always know and feel how much you are loved!  We love you dearly!!!


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