Installment Two Little Letters

Dear plastic toys,

I was worried about getting rid of you, but am glad I did.  Our daughter is delighted to have some spending money and is putting half of it in her savings account.  You took up a lot of room and some of you were never even played with.  Have fun in your new home.

Dear leftover lasagna,

You were less than desirable tonight.  I am looking forward to you being gone.  Hopefully I can convince my husband to take you for lunch tomorrow.

Dear playdate friends,

We had a lot of fun today!  When my daughter woke up from her nap she asked if we could come to your house again tonight.  It is nice to have friends close and we’ll miss you when you move.  We promise to stay in touch and visit.

Dear baby in my belly,

Please move over to the left side.  I’m not sure my right rib can take anymore pain.  Ouch!  We can’t wait to meet you.  Your sister and I wrapped a present for you tonight that she’ll give to you at the hospital.  What should we buy for your gift to your sister?  Any ideas?  Maybe a book?

Dear husband,

Thanks for going to work and supporting our family.  We appreciate you and all of your sacrifices.  We enjoy it when you come home each night and we look forward to our weekends with you.

Dear Babies R Us,

Thank you for carrying the waterproof crib mattress cover and crib sheets that we need at a reasonable price.  I’m glad I called to price check at your store today.  Thanks for the good customer service.  I’ll see you later this week to pick up the goodies.

Dear laundry,

Go away!

Dear nice weather,

I really am enjoying you.  We’ve been outside the last two days.  It is nice to see the sun shining and feel warm outside again.  Please stick around for a few more days!


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