Making Me Happy Right Now

*  Freshly made brown sugar body scrub on my bathroom counter (Why did I procrastinate so long to make this?  It only took a few minutes!)

*  Clean floors

*  Warm home

*  Full belly (Organic cream cheese and english muffin…need I say more)

*  Loving husband

*  Beautiful daughter (Although giving us a run for it tonight…not sleeping)

*  Clean rug…feels so good under my feet

*  This year’s Christmas ornament handmade and hung on the tree

*  Fabric stash sorted and rearranged

*  Possibility of snow and staying home (Yay!!)

*  New cloth diapers (Can’t wait to wash them and try them out!)


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One Response to “Making Me Happy Right Now”

  1. eatfruit Says:

    More updates Beck!!

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