Sewing Sunday On The Fly

I really did not have anything planned to sew this morning other than patching my husband’s pants (again), so I really did not expect to get done what I did.  I pulled out some fabric and made a pattern and here is what happened…

I made a dog bone for our daughter’s wooden dog friend, Snoopy.

What dog doesn’t need a bone, right?

I also made her this Lazy Days Skirt.  This is a favorite pattern of mine and the more I use it the less time intensive it is.  It usually takes me an hour or so to make one, so not too time consuming.

The fabric is a heavy corduroy material I bought months ago, but didn’t have the heart to cut up.  I have been trying to use more of my favorites out of my fabric stash lately, so that was the inspiration for this one.  I think this will make a nice Fall skirt for our daughter.  I love the patterning of the fabric…yummy for sure!

I really need to make some drawstring bags to store all of my fabric scrapes, but not sure when that will happen.  We have a busy weekend coming up with a shopping trip and evening dinner (okay, so a work banquet for my husband, but still dinner without the little one) on Saturday and then on Sunday, I plan to take our daughter to the Children’s Museum.  We missed the whole second floor last time we were there and it is a free family day, so I figure why not.  Maybe the weekend after I will get to the drawstring bags…still deciding on fabric for them anyway.  I’d really like to use some of what I already have here, but not sure which fabric to pick. 

Any fun sewing projects your way?


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