Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

We went to get our tree today.  It was a beautiful sunny day!  We had a fun time talking with the owners of Cedar Creek Farm.  It was quite the coincidence when I asked my husband the name of the owners of the farm and when he responded, I was surprised because they are my friend Emily’s parents.  My husband is familiar with them through his work and I am familiar with them through Holistic Moms.  Small world indeed. 

We really enjoyed our time at Cedar Creek Farm.  We enjoyed the scenery and the quiet of the country.  You can tell they really care about their trees and the environment.  The trees are replanted each year too! 

It took us quite a while to find ‘the tree,’ but after lots of walking and laughs, we found the perfect tree for us.  We kept saying, “I like that one do you?”  My husband or I would reply with a small reason why it wasn’t ‘the tree,’ or we would say, “that one looks nice, but what about that one there,” just to end up forgetting which tree was which and moving on with our search.  Our daughter wanted to be carried most of the time.  It was near lunch and nap and she’d say, “my legs are tired.”  After cutting the tree down my husband found a bird’s nest on some of the lower branches.  We hear this means good luck for a year!  My husband and daughter pulled our tree to the “tree checkout” (a two-year olds reference) on a blue sled.  We had our tree measured (7 ft) and then paid, packed it in the back of my husband’s truck and came home. 

Once home, we were all hungry so we grabbed a bite to eat, then our daughter and I enjoyed homemade hot chocolate and decorated the tree while listening to Christmas music.  (I always decorated the Christmas tree with my mom and siblings, so this may just be tradition for the children and I to do together.)  My husband was off to work at the duplex again (at least it is now that he is away so much tending to that, instead of when our baby arrives into this beautiful world) and we finished up decorating and then took a very late nap. 

(I finally figured out how to insert a picture that was once horizontal…yay for me.  Only thing is that the image is flipped…couch is actually on the left and kitchen on the right, but no one would know but me.)

Our daughter and I read two Christmas stories when we woke from our nap, ate supper and played.  It was a great day!


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