Holistic Moms

I attended my first Holistic Moms meeting last night.  It was so very awesome!!  I felt so inspired and energized when I left (and, really within the first 2 minutes of being there)!  Finally, a group of moms that eyes don’t glaze over when you talk about nutrition, chemicals, breastfeeding, natural cleaners, not vaccinating, herbal remedies, etc.  I was totally in heaven!

These ladies set up a ‘Lacation Station’ at a recent Fall Fest, and received overwhelming support and rave reviews for it.  I would love to be a part of the next one and to help in any way I can to empower women.

Thanks to my super fantastic friend, Emily, for inviting me along.  Her mom is actually one of the co-leaders and a ‘retired’ midwife from the same team of midwives we used for our daughter’s birth and will use for this little ones birth. 

It is so moving to get a group of women together that share the same concerns and to be able to have sharing conversations with each other in a non-judgemental way.  I’m so looking forward to next month.

We meet once a month, with a different topic each month.  There is also a  play group too.  Yay, no more worrying about donut holes and other random food being served.  It is empowering to decline that stuff, but also a little awkward.  Empowering because I know I am making the right move for our daughter’s health, but awkward because I don’t want them to be offended. 

It is definitely a tough road to be an advocate for your children, and not one that is paved either.  It seems informed moms are having to pave the way themselves, and it can be a bumpy ride.  I actually had someone tell me today that they thought I was ‘silly’ researching all this stuff, but now, she is realizing that there is a lot of nasty stuff out there and wants information.  She thought I would be offended…not in the least.  I’m actually extremely honored and humbled when others ask for advice and direction.  I figure why should they have to reinvent the wheel, if I already have some starting points for them.  I definitely don’t know everything though, so I try to encourage some research on their own as well.

It is hard to swallow what you may or may have been exposing your children to unknowingly.  I think it would be harder to swallow knowing the information I know and still choosing not to make informed decisions.  I am more than happy to help anyone at any time find the information and answers they are looking for.  I know I have a support system that would do the same for me.

Well, this mama had better take my own advice and take care of myself…time for a little R & R.  I’ll leave you with this though…if you have a Holistic Moms Chapter in your area, check it out and see if you’d like to become a member.  You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!


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