Scenes From Today

Today for me was, well, a bummer.  Overall though, looking back at some scenes from today, I need to remember what is important and what is not.  Our little girl definitely brightened my day!

Here are some scenes from our day together…


I heard this tractor pulling around this very squeaky wagon most of the day.  Her little cars fit in it so nicely!


This little bear (a Maple Town bear of mine from childhood) all tucked in!  So cute!


Her new HABA butter and wooden toast were definitely a favorite today!  I reorganized her wooden food and she really paid attention to a lot of the food items she had abandoned for so long.  We had lots of fun playing grocery store today and eating buttered bread.


‘Snoopy’ came along on our shopping adventures today.  She named him after her best friend Katie’s cat (Katie has a dog too, Sydney…somehow Sydney did not make the cut for naming her dog).


Our turkey.  He is a part of our everyday routine now.  Everyday our daughter picks a feather and adds it to the turkey.  We will do this until Thanksgiving, then we will start our Christmas decorating and countdown.  Yay!


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