Loving Right Now

This shelf…


My brother-in-law custom-made it for our daughter’s room.  I designed it and am so glad my measurements were spot on.  Yay!  I polished it with Three Beeautiful Bees Beeswax Polish.  It only took about 25 minutes to polish too.  Another Yay!!  The top shelf is for books, but it is still a little high for her with her stool, so for the next few months we will leave them where they are.  When this little one comes though, she will have to adjust to the books being up higher (she’s pretty resourceful) because we will need the space.  Love this!  Now, where to put all her Christmas gifts??

This pizza…


I bought this the other day with some of my birthday money from my in-laws.  I have been wanting this for our daughter for a little while now and she absolutely loves it!!  She plays with it frequently and ‘roasts’ pizza for us a lot.  She will not give you just plain cheese pizza though…you need the toppings she will tell you.

Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate


What have you been enjoying lately?


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One Response to “Loving Right Now”

  1. eatfruit Says:

    Wow Beck, it’s awesome!!

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