Sewing Saturday and Sunday!!!

Hi there!  Hope you all had a good weekend!  I really enjoyed myself this weekend!  I spent a lot of quality time with my husband and daughter.  We carved our daughter’s pumpkin on Friday night.  Saturday we trick-or-treated the grandparents and attended a graduation / Halloween party at my mom’s.  No door to door for us though.  Our daughter fell asleep a few minutes before we arrived home and was cranky when we woke her for supper, so we didn’t even make it to our neighbor’s houses.  Oh well, I guess she is only two and there is next year to look forward to trick-or-treating.  Sunday brought a trip into town for me, some daddy and daughter time and lots of afternoon fun!  I bought our daughter this pizza and she played with it pretty much continually ever since.  I also bought our baby two Sandra Boynton books.  Fun!

Saturday after all the festivities, my husband and I were both TIRED, but somehow had a big burst of energy after our daughter went to bed.  I decided to sew.  I got all of my machine sewing done and finished the hand-sewing on Sunday afternoon.  Here is what I made…

More Klean Kanteen Cozies and 4 newborn knot hats

DSC00492The knot hats were made out of some old shirts of mine…repurposing.   Yay!  They were pretty simple.  Just hope they actually fit the little swimming in my belly.

A snake…that doesn’t really look like a snake, but we’ll go with it.  It was made out of an old shirt sleeve.  I say, it just ate a rat and that is why it is the funny shape.  My husband kept making fun of it…I’m sure you can see why. 


I also attached a ribbon to this pink bag and made two bags out of my old halter tops for our daughter to lug stuff around in.


I’m not sure what next week will bring.  I’ve been wanting to make some framed fabric word art for our daughter’s room, but yet to find the right fabric or the frame for the project.  Oh well, at least I have the font of the letters picked out and printed (that was a job in itself).

Any sewing your way?


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