Sewing Sunday Snake

Well, what can I say?  I’m glad I sewed the mail bag earlier in the week, because I had very minimal time to sew today.  We have a lot of household projects to do and sewing just took back seat, as did football for my husband.  Instead, we spent the morning putting trim on the new front door and our daughter’s soon-to-be new closet.  My husband also spent a good amount of time investigating a water issue in our basement.  It is a weird one…just shows up front time to time in one corner and then a small puddle in the middle of the floor.  Doesn’t make sense and we haven’t been able to figure it out.  It doesn’t coincide with rain and the downspouts are not clogged.  Ideas??  We didn’t get our daughter’s shelving up in her closet or the tie backs for her curtains installed, but hopefully both of those things will happen this week.  They are absolutely driving me nuts and would like to get them done.  I’m such a doer that I stress myself out.  Ugh!

Anyway, here is what I sewed today…


It is a ‘draft snake.’  I found the tutorial a while ago in a book and just knew some day I would use it.  Typically this time of year we start to throw an old towel in front of our basement laundry door to keep the draft from coming into the entire downstairs.  Instead of a towel though, we will now use this draft snake.  I used three different patterned dish towels that I bought a while back to make a dish towel apron for a bridal shower gift.  I liked the pattern, but didn’t want to use them in my kitchen.  There they sat until this project came along.  I really could have made another draft snake if only I had more dried beans and rice on hand (and more time this morning).  I’m not sure what I will use the rest of the fabric from the towels for, but I’m sure it will eventually get used somehow.


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