Middle Of The Week Sewing

I couldn’t wait until Sunday.  It just seems that Sunday sewing does not always happen, so I get a little antsy and need to sew mid-week.  I’ve been reading Handmade Home and although I have found many projects I plan to eventually sew, I have really found more inspiration to repurpose stuff we already have.  Here is what happened.

Our old front door had a makeshift curtain on for the last sixish years.  Since we replaced the door, the makeshift curtain got replaced as well with three small charming, non-curtain needing windows.  Oh, what to do with a displaced curtain?  (Back story:  Curtain was really an airline blanket I thought was mine to keep after my first flight about 10 years ago.  I thought, they are not going to reuse this…boy, was I wrong.)

Well, our daughter had been really into playing mail on Tuesday (day this was actually created and sewn, much to the displeasure of my husband who kept asking, “Are you almost done?  I thought it was only going to be a few minutes?”) and she is already getting some felt mail for Christmas, so I thought she needed a mailbag to go with her mail.  Don’t you think?

Here are some photos of the creating going on:




Here is how I repurposed what we already had into something new and unique.  The blue ‘body’ of the bag is a small portion of the blue airline blanket curtain.  (Note to self:  Do Not iron this crappy material…it sticks to your iron and causes you to curse.)  The white MAIL letters are scraps of white wool felt from some wool felt star ornaments I made.  The beige strap is part of the curtains I made a few weeks ago out of the thrifted slipcover.  I also had some white embroidery floss lying around and that is what I used to hand stitch the letters onto the bag.

The strap is a little long, but fits our daughter without dragging on the floor.  I thought a little longer is better than too short.  So far, she has played with it a little.  I wouldn’t say it is a big hit with her, but I’m sure it will get some use.

What repurposing have you done lately?  Oh, and does anyone have a tutorial or pattern for hospital scrubs for children?  I’d love to make some for our daughter!  I did an online search with no luck!  I have some Dora fabric I was going to make into curtains, but I already made curtains, and honestly, I’m not really into the character stuff all over.  Scrubs would be perfect, because they are usually a little ‘loud’ anyway with characters and stuff.


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