Early Shopping

I’ve been doing some early Christmas shopping for our little ones (yes, we only have one daughter out of the womb now, but shouldn’t Santa bring a thing or two to the little one too…I think so).  Here are some of the fun purchases we made.

Plan Toys Dancing Alligator

Plan Toys Twisted Tossing (actually this is what Grandma is getting her)  I think this will be a fun indoor game to share with mommy and daddy in the long winter months here.  Also something I could participate in when I nursing (with a little assistance from our daughter retrieving the rings for momma).

Plan Toys Fish Castanet (Blue one)

DUKTIG Doll's bed with bedlinen set

IKEA Doll’s Bed With Bedlinen Set  (I actually have this all put together to avoid lots of assembling and box recycling on Christmas.)

We are planning a day for my husband and I to go shopping without our daughter along.  I have to admit it is not as fun with him (sorry dear).  We have different ideas about what to get our daughter and I have to compromise (like he really wanted to get her the Story Reader for her birthday and I didn’t…we got it and she actually plays with it.  Although, I think the quality is crappy and it doesn’t work that well.  She likes it.).    I have a few things in mind that I would like to get her and I’m sure he does too.  I’ve already made a few things for her, like felt mail and two ‘E’ shirts.  Any ideas on what else I could make her?

Hope your shopping is going well too and you are having as much fun as I am with it!


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