Klean Kanteen’s And Other Stuff

We stopped at Nicki’s store on our way home and bought these Klean Kanteen’sfor our daughter.  I’ve been wanting to get them for her for quite some time, but they are a little pricey (okay, we bought a 12 oz. and an 18 oz. for about $33ish).  She is outgrowing her sippies and is not quite all together ready to go without a lidded drink in the car.  My stainless water bottle is too big for her, so we needed something just the right size that would have a BPA free spout and no BPA leaching lining.  These bottles will probably last her all throughout her childhood, so I can justify the cost that way.  Instead of buying drinks on the go (which we really have very rarely done…I think once or twice we bought some lemonade or tea) we just prefill our bottles at home and away we go.  So far, she loves her new Kanteen’s.  She actually drink so much water out of the one that she had a potty accident on the couch while we were reading some books.  She hasn’t done that for a long time.  They are a hit with both of us so far.  I’m afraid daddy will have a slight heart attack when he sees the receipt, but hopefully he will see the justification in it all.  (He did!  See the justification that is!)  

We are also thinking of cloth diapering our next little one, so I talked to the staff at Nicki’sabout some of the different options.  I’m glad I’ve had some past conversations with experienced cloth diaper mamas or I would have been totally overwhelmed.  I’m thinking of taking my husband there and seeing what would fit our lifestyle and budget.  I can honestly see us sticking it out if it is very easy, like the prefolds for when the baby is a newborn and the all-in-ones or pocket diapers when the baby is a little older.  I think my husband will like the prefolds for the price alone, but I hope we can handle that, as we are both easily stressed people.  I guess once I get the hang of it, it will make more sense and seem like less work.  Also, I think after talking to the staff at Nicki’s I may go with the snap covers instead of the velcro because I don’t think I’ll remember to protect the velcro before washing each time.  I also am going to buy a cloth bag that goes on the door handle and you just wash it when you wash your diapers.  Easy-peesy.

I also checked out Moby’s


A lot of the playgroup mom’s I know wear these and love them!  They look extremely comfortable and I have heard nothing but rave reviews about them.  They can run from $40ish to $70ish depending on what color and if organic cotton or not.  I, personally, prefer organic cotton, but the organic cotton does not come with the reinforced fabric.  If I want to wear the little one for a long time, then I’m going to have to go with the non-organic Moby.  So many color choices to choose from.  This will be tough!

So, I have a lot to think about and ponder with cloth diapering and new baby purchases.  I’m glad I have more knowledge and resources this time around.  I know I will never be fully prepared for this new one’s arrival, but I am looking forward to new experiences with some wonderful new products.


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One Response to “Klean Kanteen’s And Other Stuff”

  1. eatfruit Says:

    Do NOT buy a moby. You can make one! It’s just a long piece of fabric!!

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