Sewing Sunday Again And Pregame!

Yay!  Today I was able to have a proper sewing Sunday!!  I had a lot of things ready to sew and so little time to sew them in.  So, I did a little pregame sewing on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.  I also did some last minute cutting and pinning on Saturday night after our daughter was in bed.  I just can’t wait to get these projects checked off my list and add some new projects.  Oh, and my husband came home and surprised me with this the other night, so I would really like to carve out some time to pay some much deserved attention to it!  I am so excited!!!

Here are some skirts that will hopefully fit our daughter.  I made them out of old shirts of mine.  I just cut off the top portion of the shirt right under the underpits and did a top inseam, inserted some elastic and sewed the hole closed.  I was thinking of embellishing them, but didn’t have any inspiration.  I also hand sewed a cat tail for myself for Halloween out of the unused portion of the black shirt I cut.


I wanted to get these changing pad done for quite some time, but just didn’t know where to begin and what color scheme to use.  As you can see, I just went with neutral colors in case this little one growing inside of me is a little boy.  Pink was definitely calling my name, but neutral it is.  I think two is a good number, so we have one to change out when the other is in the wash.  If for some reason (new babies always surprise you) both are in the wash, we will just substitute a towel in its place until the wash is done.

They are made of organic cotton and two layers of bamboo batting.  Eco-friendly and yummy!!!!  Oh, and I can’t forget to mention, I bought all the materials with coupons!!


The picture does not do these justice at all!  They are cozy and cute!  I am very partial to the white and beige one over the white on white, but I’m sure both will get equal game time with the little one.  Wish I would have had these for our daughter when she was a baby.

I also sewed these two ‘E’ shirts.  I really learned some lessons here.  First, don’t skimp on the stabilizer!  It just creates a mess, some cussing (don’t worry, little one was definitely out of ear shot) and lots of frustration.  So, I won’t be cheap and try to skimp on the stabilizer.  The second lesson is to always make sure you have enough thread in the color you would like.  I almost ran out of the pink thread and could feel my stress level go through the roof as it rapidly unwound to almost nothing.  All in all though, they turned out pretty good.


Lastly, I hand-sewed (throughout the week) six of these wool felt stars for a gift.  I already gave four of the six to the giver, hence the two lonely stars pictured.


Well, what have you been working on lately?

Not sure what next Sunday will bring for sewing, as I have currently crossed all my projects off my list.  We’ll see though once I dive into this!


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