Super Stressed Lately

I’ve been feeling SUPER stressed lately!!!  I know a lot of pressure I put on myself and I need to just step back and unwind, but I’m finding it very hard to do.  For instance, this morning, I woke at 5:45 and thought, I’d better get up to get some stuff done.  So, I got my happy hiney up and started sewing.  Then, proceeded to get some photos uploaded, breakfast made, Advent presents wrapped (yes, I know it is October!!), natural oils researched online (I think I’m going with the Walnut Oil), Easter Seals donation rounded up and bagged, laundry started and baby doll bed put together (Christmas present).  I’m finding it hard to not do stuff.  I can feel my blood pressure soaring and I know it is not good for the little one.  So much stuff to be done and so little time.  I think I will relax after next Saturday.  My husband will be home on Friday and plans on getting some things done around the house (painting our daughter’s ‘new’ closet).  On Saturday, my father-in-law will be up to help my husband install our new front door and screen door.  This has been an ungoing project, so some resolution will be awesome!

Anyway, sorry to mumble.  Feels good just to write it all out and feel like I have accomplished some things today.  What do you do to destress?  I think I’ll take a nap this afternoon when our daughter does!


One Response to “Super Stressed Lately”

  1. eatfruit Says:

    Remember that a lot of this is hormones. I was a machine when I was pregnant with Violet. Try to do yoga so you can mentally relax too Becky. And then when this baby comes, you’ll laugh at how motivated and accomplished you were when you were pregnant!!

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