Sewing Sunday…Yay!

I love sewing Sunday, but I probably told you that last week.  It is a nice feeling to know that I will have time to do projects and to feel some accomplishment by checking finished projects off my list.  Also, it is nice to know our daughter is taken care off and occupied (mostly) by her daddy.  This morning they took a walk and went to the park.  There was a soccer game at the same park, so they watched a little of that.  How fun!

We are still working out the bugs…as in, big breakfast really eat up a lot of ‘my’ sewing time, so I think we will stick to big breakfasts on Saturdays and something simple on Sundays.  Seriously, breakfast took two hours this morning.  I was a little annoyed, but it was yummy and I ended up getting everything done sometime throughout the day.  It all worked out.

On Thursday morning (before our daughter was up), I cut out all the pieces for this felt mail.  Having my sewing projects cut and ready to sew (or mostly ready) really speeds things up and makes for a more rewarding sewing Sunday (because I’m actually sewing and not fiddling around with all the cutting nonsense that is boring and takes so very long).  I made notes about where to start and what needed to be done in what order.  This was super helpful, in that, I was not trying to take something apart or squeeze something in as an afterthought.  


This felt mail is a little different from what I made a few weeks ago as a gift.  Instead of ric rac on the postcards (okay, there is ric rac on one of them, but who is counting?) I used some leftover scraps of ribbon.  I really like this detail.  I also made a few different address labels: ‘Grandma’ and ‘Papa.’  

Hopefully, she will enjoy this mail.  It is time consuming, but I think it is a great gift.  Now, if only I can hold off until Christmas to give it to her!  🙂

I also sewed this skirt for my niece’s upcoming 4th birthday.  Okay, so it is a month or so away, but it is one less thing to do (it is already wrapped with the card thoughtfully decorated by our daughter).


It took a little longer than I had anticipated, but all in all, it went smoothly.  I also was going to applique some butterflies unto a shirt, but found a really cute brown shirt with a pink flower on at Target instead.  Hopefully, she will like it. 

Finally, I sewed these shorts for my daughter’s Halloween costume.  She will be Dora this year.  Hopefully they fit her, as I did not follow a pattern other than a pair of shorts that were fitting a little too small.  I may have to make some adjustments to these as Halloween approaches.


What have you sewn lately, or what are you planning to sew?  I’m always looking for ideas!  Have a great week!!!


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