Books, Books, Books

Can you ever have enough books?  My daughter’s book shelves are telling me, “Yes!!!”  I just don’t agree.  Books stimulate her mind so much.  She talks about her books a lot and references them a lot too throughout her day.  She spends at least a good hour or two a day just looking through her books and talking about them.  She has even started ‘reading’ to us.  It is so cute!  She is mostly happy doing this independently, but will bring me a book from time to time to show me something or to ask me what something is.

She is really into Dora and Franklin books right now, but any book will do.  She is able to tell you the title of the book by the second time you read it to her and will ask for the book by its name.  She will even open the book to the first page and tell you, “This is where you start.”  If you want her to make good choices, all you (usually) have to say is, “Mommy (or daddy) reads to girls who make good choices.”  Works like a charm!! 

I am so glad we started reading to her so young.  We will definitely read to the next child too.  Our plan is to read a lot while I am nursing.  This way, both children will be read to and other things can be attended to while I am not nursing.  I think I’ll ask her to pick a book for herself and also pick a book she thinks the baby would like to hear.  Hopefully, she will pick with the baby in mind and not her own wishes, but if not, oh well, it is still reading and in my book, all reading is good!


Oh, did I mention, this is not all the books…they are overflowing in the living room shelves as well.  We are always in the market for books (contrary to what Daddy thinks)!   Happy reading!


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