New Curtains Revamped

DSC00312 Sorry for the sideways photo…not sure how to get it the right way.  Okay, so other than turning my camera, but then it wouldn’t have taken the shot I wanted.  Anyway…

Made some revisions to the curtains that were going to be for our daughter’s soon-to-be new room.  They are now in her room and I switched the curtains into her soon-to-be new room.  This way, if the baby is a boy, he will have more masculine curtains.  Which, isn’t really a huge thing for me, but I figure that is one of the only things that would change about the room and I wanted it to look a little different.  Plus, with the addition of the side panels, they just seem to look better in this room then her soon-to-be new room.  The curtains in her new room are pink and purple shades and were semi-expensive, so I would like to get as much use out of them as possible.  Plus, they just look better switched around.

I really like the look of the brown and blue panels.  I just made it up as I went and had just enough fabric with a few small squares leftover that I might make into Boo Boo Bags for our daughter.  I was feeling creative!


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