New Crib

Here is the beautiful crib we purchased a week or so ago to replace our crib that got recalled.  DSC00273

Our daughter loves it.  I asked her if she liked it better than her old crib and she said, “Yes.”  I asked her why she liked it better and she replied, “Because it is brown.”  Well, that is 2-year-old logic for you (and cuteness).

It was a steep purchase, but very well made.  The side does not drop down, which is good.  With all the research I did on cribs, I kept coming across the fact that about 75% of the recalled cribs in the past few years were recalled because of faulty hardware on the drop-side.

Now, just to get the mattress for the new little one in February.  I found one online from Costco that is a fraction of the cost I was going to pay at a speciality organic baby store.

Happy napping here!!!


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