Before Baby Comes To Do List

I have a rather huge to-do-list before this little one arrives in February.  Here are some of the things I feel need to get checked off before he or she arrives and I have no time again.

1)  Front doors:  finish painting and install (of course, no painting for me now)

2)  Cook and freeze meals…probably in late January

3)  Stock up on grocery items we buy a lot of

4)  Transition daughter to her new room

5)  Sew, sew, sew

6)  Trip to the zoo

7)  Finish putting basement back together from some unwelcome water earlier this summer

8)  Convince husband to buy flat screen he’s been wanting for years, have it installed and move various current TV’s all around the house.

9)  Read and blog

10)  Spend a lot of time with my little one…reading, hugging, preparing her, playing, etc.

11)  Make sleep mask for me. 

12)  Print a ton of recipes and meal plan.

13)  Get some homemade gifts sewed for next year when time is more limited at my sewing machine.

14)  Craigslist some odds and ends

15)  Research cloth diapers more and hopefully purchase some

16)  Buy new crib mattress and a twin mattress for our little one

17)  Make felt mail for Christmas present

18)  Make some Boo Boo bags

19)  Read, read, read

20)  Spend time with family and friends

21)  Enjoy time with my hubby

22)  Sleep



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