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Cloth Baby Wipes And Hello

August 31, 2009

Hello again!!!  We finally have the internet at home again, so I will try to post from time to time when something comes up to talk about.

My latest adventure is trying cloth baby wipes.  I got some great advice from a friend over the weekend and am going to see how they work.  Anything that is better for the environment and keeps me away from the stores is a great thing!

We’re really tossing around the idea of cloth diapering our next child, so it would be nice to also use cloth wipes.  If we can get one thing down before adding the cloth diapers, it would be an easier transition I’m sure. 

I’m using a recipe for cloth baby wipe solution I found online months ago.  I know I printed it out for a reason then.  Anyway, the solution I am using is 1/8 cup olive oil, 4 drops tea tree essential oil, 8 drops lavender essential oil, 1 Tbsp. baby shampoo (California Baby) and 3 cups water.  I mixed it up in a spray bottle.  I’ll spray it on the cloths, wipe her bottom and put the rag in the laundry.  I’m not sure what I’ll do for poops right now, but I’m sure toilet paper might come into play and then the cloth wipes.  (We are still working on potty training, so poops still end up in the undies and she still wears a diaper for nap and nights.)

Well, after the night diaper change this morning and the nap diaper, I am liking the cloth baby wipes.  They are easy to use.  I should mention that I am using organic cotton washcloths.  I think I will cut them in fourths and sew the edges.  They are much too big right now and I would need to buy a lot more or do laundry every day. 

Do you know anyone who uses cloth wipes or cloth diapers?  Any advice?

Take care!