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She’s Almost Two

May 21, 2009

In a few days our daughter will be 2!!!  It is hard to believe that two years have gone by since she joined our family, but also can not remember life before her.

She is smart, caring and kind.  She has better manners than most adults I know.  She is slow to warm up to large crowds, but once she warms up, she is the life of the party.  She has an enormous memory.  She remembers where things are, like a tractor in a field or where Grandma works.  She remembers little details like daddy telling her she could touch an old army tank.  She has an infectious laugh and smile!  She is strong-minded and in to everything.  She likes to bake with me and wants up to see what I am doing on the countertops.  She loves being read to, rocked and played with.  She enjoys watching our neighbors and anything moving in our neighborhood.  She adjusts quickly and is a good listener.  She loves to be chased.  She is really into Dora the Explorer right now.  She has never seen the show, but loves the Dora books and music.  She has been going on the potty for the last few months, but rarely tells us when she has to go.  She can hold it for hours…literally, 5 or more.  She loves her daddy and he loves her tremendously!!  She loves chocolate like me and loves the homemade granola bars we make together.  She enjoys smelling spices and gets into the frig. on a mission to spell spices before I catch her.  She is great at sharing and does well playing with other children.  She really enjoys her Thursday music class that our playgroup hosts.  She likes to talk about Papa’s John Deere tractor and Harley Davidson motorcycle.  She enjoys seeing school buses.  She now will nap other places other than home.  That is great!!  She has a little friend named Katie that she adores and likes to play with.  She likes to play matching games and is very good at them.  She sleeps well at night, but has been an early riser the last few weeks.  She has been adding, “Um” to the beginning of her sentences and she knows it is cute.  She has the cutest little smile and likes to look in the mirror.  She likes to go to Super Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, any park, the library, stroller rides, outside, Grandma and Papa’s, Grandma Pat’s and Aunt Tammy’s.  She also likes staying home.  She can climb the ladder to slide and likes to swing on the big girl swings.  She likes to peel bark from the trees and pick dandelions.

She is my little darling and there is so much more about her that is precious.  Love you sweetie!!