Still No Internet

We cancelled our internet service a few weeks ago now.  I have to say I am slightly relieved at the moment.  It was totally stressing me out.  I have been able to use the computer at the public library to check email and read all the fabulous blogs out there, but it is not like having it at home.  I’m actually at my sister’s house right now while she is hard at work.  My little one is eating a snack and loving the new toys and books to play with, so I’ll do a quick update on what we have been up to.  Oh, and we may be cancelling our Direct TV too.  No, we haven’t gone mad.  We are just trying to live more simply and to not be so plugged in.  We want to enjoy each other, plus we are saving money too. 

What we have been up to…

Well, I made a nurses hat for my daughter.  It will either go in her Easter basket, or for her upcoming birthday.  She is totally into playing nurse.  She has a book, ‘Nurse Nancy’ that she loves.  I made it up entirely myself.  I plan to do a tute on it eventually, as I could not find one online that I liked.  Stay tuned.

Also did my first applique.  It turned out pretty good.  I used a hand-me-down shirt that was stained and just used the design to cover up the stains.  It has a tree on it and a bee buzzing down to the tree from the sky.  I really like it and think I did super, especially for my first go at it.  I’ll post that some time too.

I made some really cute fabric covered hair clips for my daughter.  She loves them and likes to wear the red one with the different colored polka dots on.  They only costs about $.37  to make, but do require a little time.  My mom is going to buy some from me for an upcoming gift.  Cool!  I also plan to give some as a gift to my daughter’s little friend for her birthday in April.  She is such a little cutie!

I’ve been busy preparing for my husband’s birthday that falls next week.  He doesn’t want anything.  I did find a bathrobe in green on clearance at Super Target the other day, so he’ll be getting that.  He mentioned it awhile ago, so I hope he still wants it.  I also made him a remote control cozy for the couch.  it has three pockets that hang down and the rest of the fabric slides under the cushion.  Think really large open crayon roll.  I’ll also be making him 3-0 sugar cookies with my sister’s delicious frosting recipe.  Hope he likes it.  We will cap off the day by going out on the town after our daughter is in bed.  Thank goodness for Grandma’s willing to drive 1/2 hour just to sit around our house while our daughter sleeps.  Thanks Ma!

Valentines prep is underway as well.  Our daughter will be receiving a Dora Valentine book this year.  We will also be making heart shaped sugar cookies.  I plan to cut her food into heart shapes on Valentines Day.  We will also do some celebrating through the week, but I’ve got to get my ideas together.  Some things I know we will do are songs and art.

Lots of other stuff, but that is all for now.

Hope you are all well and enjoying February!  I can’t wait till Spring is finally here!


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One Response to “Still No Internet”

  1. cookinginthecountry Says:

    Wow. Sounds like you are busy. Life with children is great. But sure keeps us on our toes.

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