Bleach Commercial…Are You Kidding Me???

The Clorox Bleach commercial that has been running recently has been driving me nuts.  Well, seems I’m not the only one!  While I was reading my blogroll today, I came across this post.  So, instead of just yelling and shaking my head at the TV, I thought I’d blog about it too. 

Here is some of my research I’ve done over the last few months on chlorine: 
*  Toxic respiratory irritant that can damage the skin and other membranes
*  Listed in 1990 Clean Air Act as hazardous air pollutant
*  Very dangerous for children because they have higher metabolic rates and greater lung surface area
*  OSHA monitors exposure because it ranks 1st in industrial injuries and deaths in the U.S.
*  It is heavier than air, so it hangs around low-lying areas.  Think kids…shorter than we are sucking in all that nastiness.
*  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found dioxin (a toxic byproduct of chlorine) to be 300,000 times more potent as a carcinogen than DDT
*  In 2000, U.S. Poison Control reported chlorine bleach was implicated in injures to 18,863 children under the age of 6
*  Mercury is used to produce chlorine.  Need I say more?
*  It’s by-products and compounds have been known to cause cancer and have been linked to liver disease.
*  The cumulative effects of dioxin (a by-product) in humans have been linked to birth defects, cancer, reproductive disorders and immune system breakdown.
*  Chlorine is a highly corrosive substance, capable of damaging skin, eyes, and other membranes.
*  Household bleach is the most common cleaner accidentally swallowed by children
*   It is considered an unclassifiable carcinogen by the World Health Organization and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
*  It is classified as a development toxicant, which means it can interfere with normal development of a fetus or child.  Most people I know would not use bleach while they were pregnant, so why would anyone use it when the kids are outside the womb? 

Have I convinced you yet?  I’m sure you can find a ton more on your own.  I’m convinced not to use the nasty stuff.

Here are some common names of chlorine that you may see on your cleaners:  chloramine, sodium hypochlorite, bleach, hydrochloric acid, trihalomethanes, disinfection byproducts.

Some alternatives: 

*  Use cornstarch to lift stains. 
*  Use distilled white vinegar to clean the floors, toilet, fruit, etc.
*  Use a truly green product, like Seventh Generation or Shaklee.  Not the greenwashed products that do not disclose all ingredients.

I feel better now.  Thanks for reading!


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