Third Hand Smoke

***Update:  We got rid of the bed.  Only problem is, my mom now has it.  She has grandchildren over quite a bit and an extra bed comes in handy.  She also leaves her windows open a lot too, so hopefully any carcinogens will be aired out the window instead of all over her home. 

That’s right, third hand smoke.  What is it you ask?  Well, it is the leftover goodies  carcinogens smoking leaves behind.  It is the nasty smell on clothing, hair (remember that smokey bar smell you had frequently in your younger twenties), carpet, furniture, etc.  I’ve been secretly worried about the bed I inherited from my Grandma when she passed a few years back.  The box spring and mattress still have that lingering smokey smell.  Love you Grandma, but I may have to get rid of that bed. 

Here is a great post about third hand smoke.  I’m sure there is much more information to digest out there.



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