So I’m Not A Lunatic

So, I’m really not a lunatic!  There are lots of nasty chemicals in our everyday products that have been PROVEN (!!!!!!!!!!) to cause cancer and/or developmental problems.  Check out this comprehensive list of Prop 65 chemicals.  I was referred to it by the Friskars Company when I called about a warning on the product packaging of a sewing ruler I recently purchased.  They assured me that their product has since been cleared of all the chemicals on the Prop 65 list and that the package I bought was outdated packaging that had not yet cycled through the warehouse.  I’m still a little skeptic.  I’ve become that way more and more over the past year.  It is good and bad, but I do feel momentarily better knowing I called and am not knowingly harming myself by using this plastic ruler thing that makes cutting fabric so much faster.  Well, that is until you get your fingers too close to the rotary cutter and slice a big chunk out of your left index finger.  Good thing husband was home to play doctor.  Even though he got super annoyed when he was trying to help me stop the bleeding and all I could do was laugh hysterically.  Laugh or cry baby…it hurt and is still bleeding a little almost 24 hours later.  I plan to have my sister (an EMT) look at it tonight.  I don’t see how they could stitch it, so for now, just a little blood and a big old band-aid to try to maneuver around.

Hope your new year is filled with health, love, happiness and lots of fun along the way!!!


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