Scarf-Less Snowman

We’ve all made snowman as children, right?  One thing we always did was dress up our snowmen.  Some branches for arms, rocks for eyes and of course, a scarf. 

When I was driving along the other day, I got thinking about homeless people.  I wonder how they feel when they see a snowman with a scarf on?  Do they think it’s cute?  Does it bring back fond memories of childhood?  Of better times?  Does it make them mad?  Why does a snowman need a scarf?  I for one, think it is cute.  It makes the snowman.  But, instead of putting a scarf on a snowman this year, I challenge you to donate it to Goodwill,  a Homeless Shelter or another kind organization in your community.  There are lots of people out there scarf-less.  I assure you Frosty won’t mind. 

I want to do more, something bigger, Project Scarfless Snowman maybe it could be called.  It will be something we do at our home this year.  Maybe I’ll make a few new scarves next year.  We’ll see where it goes.  I just can’t get the thought out of my mind of a snowman having a perfectly good scarf, but a person in need not having one.


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