Christmas Dinner

This won’t be your traditional Christmas dinner!  I’m all about simplicity and trying not to create stress for myself.  Although more times then not, I do.  Anyway, here is the menu for a stress-free(ish) Christmas dinner….

Papa Murphy’s Pizza (Supplied by in-laws)
Stuffed Mushrooms (Premade from Whole Foods meat counter)
Corn Tortilla Chips
Kielbasa Appetizers (I haven’t tried these before, but they look simple enough)
Peanut Butter Balls (I’ll make these a few days before)
Carmel Cashew Cookies (The recipe makes 3 dz., so I’ll take 1/2 dz. to my mom’s for Christmas Eve and leave 1/2 here for Christmas Day.)
And whatever else the family brings. 

Knowing my MIL, she’ll bring a whole slew of food with her and we’ll all be stuffed.  I think the above menu is just fine though.  My husband and I will have a proper dinner the night before at my mom’s, so we won’t be missing out.  I just don’t want to stress and I don’t want anyone else to stress either.  It is Christmas and we need to celebrate what it is and not how much we can eat.  I get tired of turkey and ham anyway.

What’s on your Christmas dinner menu?


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