One In Three Children

One in three children have allergies, autism or ADHD.  Shocking!  Why?  Well, I knew this information already, but why are we all so complacent about it?  The complacency is what is killing us.  Seriously, killing us.  Not  with a single bite of  an apple dosed in pesticides, but over time this stuff accumulates in our bodies.  Do people seriously think that this stuff just flushes through our body and does no harm?  Seriously, this bugs me that people are so complacent and so not willing to believe or hear what is happening with our food supply.  Here is a good article that will get you started. 

Why aren’t we all educating ourselves about what is causing this epidemic? I’m guessing it is time for a lot of us.  I know I have very limited time to research this stuff, but it is important to me, so I take the time.  I encourage you to carve out the time somehow.  Find some good websites and just stick to those few for now.  Then, when you have more time, find a few others.  It is a process.  Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but a worthwhile process.

I don’t know you, but I care about you and your children.  We need people to educate themselves and others about this epidemic and to turn this around somehow.  We have the power.  It may be something as little as switching from plastic to glass in your own home.  It may be making an organic dish to take to the next potluck.  It can be choosing organic in the produce section instead of conventional.  It may be writing a blog post or talking to your friends.  Whatever it is that you can do, I encourage you to do it.  Please carve out a few minutes.  It is so important.


One Response to “One In Three Children”

  1. Toby (The Organic Dish) Says:

    Very true. There are a ton of reasons to integrate more organic food into one’s diet. It’s not only good for us (and our children), it’s also good for the farmers, our local community, and the planet. Next spring go to your local farmers market and buy some organic produce – you’ll taste the difference.

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