Menu Planning For The Next Few Weeks :)

Okay, so maybe a month or so, but really who’s counting!

I got a wild hair up my butt today and thought I would menu plan.  I couldn’t stop.  I thought I’d share it with you and maybe help you spark your creativity with meals.  If you’d like one of the recipes, just comment and I’ll get it posted as soon as I can. 

I should also mention that the days that my husband is home, we do plan for lunch and supper.  Otherwise, lunch is either leftovers or something quick like homemade mac and cheese or quesdillas we miss a day because something came up, like an unplanned trip to the grandparents, we usually eat what is on the menu for the next day (unless it is noodles, then we count ourselves lucky and just pick up eating what was planned for the next day).

Also, Friday is always pizza night.  Thursday is almost always noodles and sauce night.  Sundays for lunch we have a picnic in the living room, so it has to be something relatively easy to clean up and eat on a blanket in the living room.

Tues:  Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
Wed:  Turkey Meatloaf and Veggies
Thurs:  Noodles and Sauce
Fri:  Homemade Pizza
Sat:  Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Chicken Sausage and Veggies
Sun:  Grilled Cheese and Sweet Potato Fries (Lunch) / Spaghetti Pie (Supper)
Mon:  Sweet Potato and Chorizo Au Gratin
Tues:  Cheese Ravioli, Peas, and Garlic Bread
Wed:  Meatballs with Cream Sauce and Sweet Potatoes
Thurs:  Noodles and Sauce
Fri:  Pizza (Lunch) / Cream of Zucchini Soup with Garlic Bread
Sat:  Tacos (Lunch) / Salmon and Veggies (Supper)
Sun:  Grilled Cheese and Homemade Potato Salad (Lunch) / Up Town Minestrone (Supper)
Mon:  Black Bean Salad and Whole Foods Meat Special (They will have something at the meat counter that is on sale…this week I picked up a meatloaf for 3.50ish)
Tues:  Pasta with Arugula, Carmelized Onions and Pine Nuts
Wed:  Nothing planned….Christmas Eve Dinner At My Mom’s
Thurs:  Christmas Dinner Here Supplied By In-Laws
Fri:  Homemade Pizza
Sat:  Easy Baked Potato Soup (Lunch) / Lemon Angel Hair Pasta with Veggies
Sun:  Prosciutto Mozzarella and Basil Panini  with Corn Tortilla Chips(Lunch) / Bobby’s Goulash (Supper)
Mon:  Tortilla Roll-Ups
Tues:  Garden Vegetable Quiche
Wed:  Tortellini Marinara and Salad
Thurs:  Noodles and Sauce with Salad
Fri:  Our Night Out to  see Seinfeld…we’ll eat out
Sat:  Healthy Shepard’s Pie (Lunch) / Pizza (Supper)
Sun:  Blue Plate Beef Patties and Corn (Lunch) / Chili and Cornbread (Supper)
Mon:  City Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Tues:  Asparagus Brunch Pockets
Wed:  Chicken Zucchini Casserole
Thurs:  Noodles and Sauce with Salad
Fri:  Pizza and Salad
Sat:  Lazy Lasagna (Lunch) / Black Bean and Corn Tortilla Bake (Supper)
Sun:  Grilled Cheese and Soup (Lunch) / Leftovers (Supper)
Mon:  Whole Foods Meat Special and Veggies
Tues:  Brisket Stew with Autumn Veggies and Parsley Potatoes
Wed:  Leftovers
Thurs:  Noodles and Sauce with Veggies
Fri:  Pizza and Corn Tortilla Chips
Sat:  Five Hour Stew (Lunch) / Lasagna Hot Dish (Supper)
Sun:  Chicken Salad Pita Pockets (Lunch) / Leftovers (Supper)
Mon:  Roasted Zucchini and Tomato Pasta
Tues:  Whole Foods Meat Special and Potatoes
Wed:  Tortellini Soup
Thurs:  Noodles and Sauce with Garlic Bread
Fri:  Pizza and Veggies
Sat:  Hamburgers and Tator Tots (Lunch) / Black Bean Soup (Supper)
Sun:  Hot Ham and Swiss with Sweet Potato Fries (Lunch) / Hamburger Stroganoff with Rice (Supper)
Mon:  Pizza Soup
Tues:  Whole Foods Meat Special and Mashed Potatoes
Wed:  Tortilla Roll-Ups and Chips
Thurs:  Noodles and Sauce with Veggies
Fri:  Pizza

That is all I have so far.  Thought I’d end on a pizza note, since Fridays are always easy to think of a meal.  🙂  Hope I inspired some of you to meal plan.  It does take time, but once it is done, it is done. 

I’m going to print this for myself and I’m writing my grocery list as I do this too.

Happy eating!

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