Muffin Tin Tuesday

MTT was a huge success today.  She ate almost everything!  Hungry girl!  This is what it looked like:


Top row:  Cheddar Cheese Circles, Applesauce, Tex Mex Lasagna

Bottom row:  Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips, French Vanilla Yogurt, Rye and Flax Crackers

She ate the cheese and yogurt first.  Big surprise…  She devoured the Tex Mex Lasagna.  The applesauce she would not try at first, but then used it to dip her crackers and chips into.  I think using it as a dip is a great way to introduce a new food.  Well, a runny one anyway.  She ended up eating the rest of the applesauce off her fingers. 

Must go get back to crocheting the blanket.  No picture yet.


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