Hold On Tight, Really

I was doing some blog surfing and found this post on one of my blogs I frequent…


I’m going to take this challenge!  It will be a tough one for me, because by the end of the day I am exhausted.  I’ll let you know the results…no details, just if I think it helped improve any aspect of my life.  I challenge you as well.

P.S.  Sorry family…I had to post for my other readers!!



3 Responses to “Hold On Tight, Really”

  1. Jennifer Nguyen Says:

    I am not one to talk about sex either!!! I think that is awesome actually. I however can’t take part in that challenge due to PCOS it really HURTS!!!!

  2. Jennifer Nguyen Says:

    I tried to ask you about the baking soda for the cook top but I was not sure that you got the email. Please let me know how you go about doing that. It would be much cheaper!!!

  3. Wine Blog Says:

    I shall be buying Pomegranate juice today! Would love a boost and some extra ummpf! Haha

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