Mom’s Blanket

I haven’t been posting, because I’ve been busy starting my mom’s blanket I’m making her for Christmas.  Well, it may next Christmas, or the Christmas after when she gets it, but it is the thought that counts.  My mom knows it will be awhile before she actually gets to cover up with it, but I think she is okay with that.

You see, she has been lusting over the blanket I made for myself over ten years ago.  She always comments about how she would like one.  So, with the mostly handmade and thrifted Christmas this year, I thought I could finally find the time somewhere and make her a blanket.  The only problem is that I only know two stitches…the single and double (I think that is what it is at least) crochet stitch and this is going to be a blanket you can cover up with, so it will take me awhile.   

I’ve been working on it during naps and after our daughter goes to bed at night.  I’ve been staying up way too late and not really making much progress on it, although I haven’t been making it to bed until well after 11 p.m.  Which, leaves for a tired mommy.  I even opted for a nap today instead of working on it.  Tonight I will get back to it.  I’ll post some pictures soon on what I have thus far. 

Other than that, we’ve made some super yummy molten lava cookies, finished a fabric crayon roll for my nephew, wrapped Christmas presents, changed out some holiday decorations, and just had a really good time with family at Thanksgiving.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!!!


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