Birthday / Christmas Couldn’t Wait

I made these for my mom for her birthday.  They are cute aren’t they?  I got the idea on the Internet, but can’t remember the site.  So adorable.  I’d like to make some for myself too.  Maybe I’ll make some for myself for next year, as I have so many other handmade presents going out for Christmas this year. 


Sorry for the sideways photo…still can’t figure out how to turn it around on here. 

My mom loved them.  Her birthday is still more then a week away, but who could resist giving these little cuties to someone!!!


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2 Responses to “Birthday / Christmas Couldn’t Wait”

  1. Jennifer Nguyen Says:

    What are they? I see that they are stars. Are they just for the wall? They are super cute though!!!

    I wish you knew where you got the idea from ;o)

  2. Rebecca Thompson Says:

    They are Christmas Ornaments. I hung them from my dining room light fixture. You can hang them on ribbon or on a Christmas tree, etc. I was searching more today and found the site again where I originally found them… AllSorts… I think it is I’d have to check for sure, but you could always google it too.

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