Christmas Is Around The Corner

So, I thought it was high time to make my online order for thisyesterday.  Yes, it is a little pricey for a toddler for Christmas.  I have already bought her some gifts I found while out thrifting and daddy is going to be buying her some special gifts too.  Not too much more.  I certainly do not think she needs more stuff, but we’d each like to get her something special from both of us. 

So, how do you rationalize such a purchase for a 2nd Christmas?  Easy!  She will get years and years and years of use out of it.  My favorite memories growing up are with my ‘play’ Rainbow Brite kitchen set out on our porch.  I’d set up a whole house and cook, cook, cook.  She shows such an interest in cooking with the wooden vegetables and pots and pans she already has.  She also loves to pull a chair over to the counter while I chop ingredients.  She’ll pour in ingredients and stir for me.  She is well aware that the stove is hot and not to touch anything once I’ve given her the direction.  She’ll also get a cute little apron for Christmas.  Just need to find a pattern for a chef’s hat now.

Oh, and did I mention that the company has been great to work with?  They have answered all of my questions about the product and have given excellent service!!!  Since I spent over $100, I get a free subscription to Cookie magazine, but I already have a subscription to it.  Well, I clicked on the offer and it took me to a page where I printed off two forms and will actually get a $9.97 refund for not taking the subscription.  Are you kidding?  Money back?  Alright!

Anyway, if you are looking for a Christmas present from a small amount to a rather large one and you are a conscious consumer, I would highly recommend this company.  They even sent me a lab report on the glue they use!!

Happy preparing and shopping!  I’m going to be making some of this soon for Christmas!


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