Muffin Tin Tuesday

Here is our muffin tin for today…


Top row from left to right:  Shredded Gouda, Lettuce, Ranch Dressing

Bottom row from left to right:  Cherry Tomatoes, Vanilla Yogurt, Baby Carrots

She ate the shredded gouda, ranch dressing (after making many weird faces while trying it), and vanilla yogurt.  She ate a few bites of the carrots, but mainly used them for dipping in the vanilla yogurt and sucking it off of it.  She tried the tomatoes a bunch of times, but just couldn’t do it.  She also tried the lettuce, but it didn’t get past her lips.  She fed it to me. 

I was thinking she would ‘make’ a salad like mommy’s, but no luck with that.  I’ll definitely try again.

Other than Muffin Tin Tuesday, our day has been busy.  We’ve read lots of books today and she has enjoyed hanging hangers in daddy’s closet.  She played downstairs in her new kitty slippers while I cleaned a little for my upcoming Home Health Party this Saturday.

Much to do…take care!



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