Baking Soda Strikes Again

I love baking soda so much.  I was thinking the other day that I should try the baking soda on my tub since I had such good luck with it on my glass stove top.  Well, it worked.  When I say it worked, I mean it.  It worked wonders.  All I did was sprinkle baking soda all over my tub and got a damp, not wet, rag on just starting scrubbing away. 

Now, this gunk that was on my tub has been there since we moved in a few years ago.  Gross, I know, but all the conventional cleaners in the world that I used before had not budged it a bit.  Well, baking soda to the rescue again.  And, if you get into the tub with your bare feet, you also get a gentle exfoliation too. 

Here is a picture of the tub mid-cleaning.  The left side is cleaned with baking soda, and the right side is the gunky stuff.

november-2008-fingerpainting-tub-006The lighting in the bathroom is not very good, so the shadow you see on the left is just that, a shadow.  The stuff on the right, well that is the nasty stuff that the baking soda removed.

Looks like a new, white tub, instead of a two-toned tub.  Finally got the new tub I wanted. 

Try it!


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