I Heart Baking Soda

By now you know my obsession and love of baking soda is deep and wide.  I love this stuff.  Reasonably priced and so many uses. 

We have a glass stove top and the only thing that has ever taken the gunk off of it is that little CermaBrite cleaner or whatever it is called that comes with the stove.  Every time my husband put it on I’d cringe and think what fumes and chemicals it was heating up and putting into our air and the food being cooked.  Well, I thought I’d try baking soda yesterday.  You know by now that baking soda is awesome and my very best cleaner in the house.  It worked great.  Even the husband was impressed.  No more worries about that nasty glass CermaBrite crap or having a gunky stove top.  Not with Baking Soda on the job!!! 

Oh, if you are wondering how many boxes I’m armed with right now…it is an impressive 9 1/2 boxes.  That’s right 9 1/2!  Can’t be without this wonder, plus it was on sale last week for $.50 a box.  I asked my husband to buy 6, but he came home with 10.  Got to love him!


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2 Responses to “I Heart Baking Soda”

  1. Jennifer Nguyen Says:

    Goodness i thought i left a comment here!!!

    How do you go about cleaning your stove top with baking soda? Seems like a live saver!! I have used 2 things and I do not care for either of them. I am interested in how you do this

  2. Rebecca Thompson Says:

    All I did was sprinkle a layer of baking soda all over the stove top, then I lightly sprayed it with water a few times. I took a barely damp cloth and just scrubbed it off in circles. It is the best thing I’ve ever used on the stove top. Hope you try it!
    Take care!

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