Soap and Hand Oil Update

Well, the hand oil turned out okay.  I need to get more glass jars though for things like this.  Anyone know of a place to get small glass jars with lids?  I was thinking JoAnn’s might have some, but I’ll have to check.  I’ve just been using glass spice jars that are empty.  I think I’ll use the hand oil a lot.  My hands look a little better already.  If only I make time to put it on.  I’m washing my hands so much that sometimes I don’t take care of my hands because I figure it will just be washed off within minutes anyway.


The soap turned out okay.  I tried to melt it in a pot on the stove and that wasn’t working, so I put it in the mircowave and it was done, or so I thought.  The soap ended up breaking a little this morning as I took it out of the muffin tin.  I think I should have microwaved it a little longer.  I’ll let you know what happens next time I make it.  It does smell so yummy though.


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One Response to “Soap and Hand Oil Update”

  1. Amanda Says:

    You can get jars at IKEA for a good price. Also online at various retailers. We have a health/wellness/vitamin/herbs shop here in Racine that sells jars as well.

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