Dirty, Nasty Toilets and My Friend

Um, what?

Well, here is my dirty, nasty toilet.  Brave or just really out of my mind today?











Here is my friend….okay, well my cleaning friend.


Here is how you clean a dirty, nasty toilet with distilled white vinegar…

Open toilet lid
Pour i/2 cup distilled white vinegar into toilet bowl
Let sit for at least a half hour (With two toilets in the house though I usually let it sit longer)
Scrub with a toilet brush

Now, that wasn’t so bad was it!  I encourage you to try this and get rid of your conventional toilet cleaning products.  They pollute our environment inside and out.  Please dispose of them responsibly by finding a recycling center that will take chemicals.  I know there is one near me and I’m sure others in major cities.

Here are the sparkling results…

november-2008-emma-toilet-034Happy toilet cleaning to you!!!


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