Muffin Tin Tuesday

Love, love, love Muffin Tin Tuesday!  Here is what she had today:


Top row from left to right:  Red Pepper Strips, Sauteed Zucchini, Cheddar Cheese Circles

Bottom row from left to right:  Avocado Balls, Vanilla Yogurt, Blue Corn Chips With Flax

She tasted the red pepper strips, but then spit them out.  She used to love them.  Didn’t touch the zucchini.  Again, used to love them.  Devoured the cheddar cheese circles.  Picked up an avocado ball and said, ‘soft,’ then fed it to me.  She used the yogurt as a dip and then ate the rest.  Gobbled the blue corn chips with flax right up. 

If you’ve never had chips with flax in them, you should try them.  Flax is good for you and it tastes good too.  Why not?

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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