Avocado Hair Treatment

Um…what am I up to now?

Well, I have very dry hair and since I stopped using conventional conditioner it has actually improved a little, but it needs a little boost.  So…why not smash some avocado in my hair and sit with it and a towel on my head for awhile!

Here is a photo documentary of my little hair adventure….

Start with some avocado (I only ended up using 1/4 to 1/2 of it)


 Add some nappy, dry, uncombed hair (okay, I’m sure it doesn’t matter if it is combed or not, but mine hadn’t been yet for the day)







Then, mash it into your hair like it’s nobody’s business…














Do you like the chunks of avocado on the top of my head?  It actually smells kind of nice.


Not too messy either.  I just had to pick of a few chunks from the floor and off of my shoulder, but otherwise pretty mess free.


Then, I placed a warm towel on my head.  The formula didn’t call for a warm towel, but I just thought it would be a nice touch.  I did use an old towel, but you could probably get away with any towel as long as it isn’t light colored.


I’ll have to update you on the results later.  Little one is waking and we need to go vote.  Well, I need to shower first because I don’t think I’m going to the polls like this!


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