Homemade Perfume

After much reading and researching about chemicals and fragrances in conventional body care products, I decided to take action.  First, I consulted with friends who are also doing their own research and altering the way they shop for body care products.  Who better than friends to compare notes with.  Literally, notes, but also thumbs up and thumbs down on what products are actually better and what products give exceptional results.

A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of two invaluable resources.  The first is Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database, which you can link to here:  http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/index.php?nothanks=1.  I just type in the product I am researching and then follow the prompts.  You can also look at categories highlighted in the blue bar towards the top of their homepage, such as, Makeup, Skin Care, Hair Care, Eye Care, Nail Care, Baby Care, Oral Care, and Fragrance.  I have used this website again and again.  It is easy to use, and a good way to start educating yourself about what you put in and on your body everyday. 

The database rates products from a 0 to 10, with 0 being a low hazard to you from using the product, to 10 being a high hazard to you.  You click on the product you are researching and it will take you to a page that will give you additional information.  It will tell you if the product you are researching is linked to:  Cancer, Developmental/Reproductive Toxicity, Violations, Restrictions and Warnings, Allergies/Immunotoxicity, and other concerns.  It will also give you other information, such as, ingredient concerns.  What I have done is, research products as they are running low.  So, I was running low on concealer, so I researched that and bought a concealer that has a lower hazard score.  It is a process.

Another resource my friend pointed me to was this book:

Simple Solutions for Less Toxic Living

I read skimmed it from cover to cover and took some notes for myself to remind me of the formulas that I would like to use.  Well, thirteen pages later, I finished my notes and was able to return the book to the library.  I have a wealth of knowledge and one of the first things I tried from the book was the ‘Basic Formula For Perfume Oils.

I just needed two ingredients and an amber or blue glass bottle.

Sorry again for the sideways picture…maybe one of my readers can help coach me on switching the photo to an upright position.  🙂

Anyway, I mixed 1 ounce of Jojoba Oil and 25 drops of Lavender Essential Oil in a glass jar and shook it.  Pretty technical huh!?!? 

I didn’t have an amber or blue glass jar, so I hacked my own up.  I just used an old spice jar and surrounded it in blue paper leftover from another project.  Viola!

I’ll get the verdict tonight when my husband comes home.  I think it smells good.  It is not the perfume smell that I am used to, but it is a nice smell. 

By the way, I purchased both the Jojoba Oil and the Lavender Essential Oil at Whole Foods.  They were not cheap, but I only used a small amount.  I could make many bottle of perfume for the price you would pay in the store for one bottle. 

Lavender and Jojoba can be used for many home formulas.  Here is a short list:  Leather Cleaning, Dry Skin and Hair, Oily Skin and Hair, Antibacterials, Deodorant, Fragrant Foot Scrub, Perfume, Prewash For Hair, Hot Oil Treatments, Detanglers, Rich Lotion For Chapped Hands, Natural Flea Repellents, Ticks, and Lubricating Doors, Hinges and Machine Lubrication.  So many other uses as well I’m sure.

Well, I hope this post finds you all well and healthy.  We spent the weekend in a hotel with our toddler.  It was not pretty…well, sleep was not pretty.  We are all glad to be home!

Take care and do something nice for yourself today!  I did!!!  Time to go play in the leaves!


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