Don’t know what that word means?  Don’t know what it is?  Well, phthalates are found in plastics as well as body care products.  Phthalates can cause organ system toxicity, damage to the endocrine system, reproduction and fertility harm, birth or development effects, they are persistent and bioaccumulative (meaning they stay in your body and accumulative over time, usually in fat), harm the brain and nervous system and damage your immune system (including sensitization and allergies). 

The big thing with the holidays coming up is that toy makers need to sell all their toys that contain phthalates.  Why you ask?  Well, three types of phthalates will be banned from children’s toys and child-care products starting February 10, 2009.   Also, three other types of phthalates will be temporarily prohibited from childcare products and toys that can be placed in a child’s mouth.  I don’t know why they will only be temporarily prohibited, but sounds scary doesn’t it.  The toy sellers have a grace period that allows them to sell the toys that still contain these nasty toxins and that means that you will probably see a lot of ‘bargains’ this holiday season.  Don’t fall for it!!! 

So, please educate yourself about phthalates.  Don’t just take my word for it.  A great site to use for your research is  I have learned so much from this blog and this is also where I signed up for my upcoming Home Health Party. 

By the way, spell check picks out phthalates as a misspelled word…hmmm…  Does the Bush administration run spell check too?!?!


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