Peasant Blouses

I am hooked on making peasant blouses.  Help, this is a problem!  I need to buy things to get these projects going and it is addictive.  I have some fabric now and some thread, but not the right colors of thread.  Must stock up on thread.  Is anyone else addicted to sewing?  I absolutely am loving it, but it is costing money and money that is a little tight right now with the economy. 

Anyway…peasant blouses.  They are easy to make and fun.  They do take about 2 hours though for a beginning sewer and that is after you have your pattern cut out and your sewing machine all set up.  I usually try to get my sewing done during naps, or at night after our daughter is in bed.  Good luck carving out some time for yourself.  It is not always easy.







I got this material from my mom and to be totally honest at first I thought it was pretty ugly and I didn’t know what I was going to do with it.  Well, the tutorial that I followed from Just Tutes ( said to not use your best fabric first, so I pulled out this stuff and thought, “perfect.”  Well, it ended up turning out really good!  I was impressed!  My husband was impressed!  Just can’t stop patting myself on the back.  I really do like the flowers on it now too.  Our daughter is really into flowers right now too, so it is perfect.  The only thing that isn’t perfect is that it is in the 50’s here now and will be in the 50’s or lower for the next 6-7 months….um…timing on light weight blouse is not the best, but so cute.  Very easy to make for a learning sewer.  Seriously I have only been sewing for 2 weeks now and I can do it…you can too.

I made a pattern out of a paper bag as Just Tutes suggested on her blog.  It worked wonderfully.  I just cut out an old paper bag in a size 2T and followed the directions.  The first blouse above took me quite a while and I emailed Just Tutes for some clarification on the elastic.  I was really impressed with the final project though and was ready to go for round two.

So, I cut out that brown fabric that I posted the other day with the pink polka dots.  I was all ready to go when my husband said, “Shouldn’t you use dark brown thread for that shirt.  If you don’t I think it will look bad.”  Ohhhh, he was right again.  Damn observant husbands.  He really wanted me to put my sewing away at that point and give him a little attention before bed…sounds bad, but I assure you he just wanted to watch TV with me.  So, there it sits all cut out and waiting patiently to be made into a peasant blouse.

Luckily, I was able to find some light colored fabric that I was able to use the light thread on that I currently have.  I wasn’t sure about this fabric either and it is another freebie from my mom.  She has good taste, but I just didn’t realize it at first.  Naughty me!







You’ll have to forgive the dim light in the pictures.  My counter is the only space that I use to take the pictures on, so they’ll have to do I guess.

Well, I want to get more done and patterns cut out before little one wakes up from her slumber.

P.S. Family:  Any unused fabric you have laying around…don’t forget about me.


One Response to “Peasant Blouses”

  1. jamie Says:

    Sis – Your table would be the best place to take these pics. The natural light would do wonders!!!! Great job!

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