Muffin Tin Tuesday

Today we tried the muffin tin meal that is all the craze.  Here is a picture of ours…

The top row from the left:  homemade sweet potato fries, hard-boiled egg, and granola.

Bottom row from the left:  vanilla yogurt, raisins, and mixed veggies.

She choose to dip the sweet potato fries into the yogurt.  The hard-boiled egg ended up getting one taste and then being tossed to the side.  The granola she usually eats, but set that aside as well.  The raisins she is so hot and cold with…one day she loves them, then next she doesn’t.  The raisins…on the floor.  The mixed veggies she ate most of. 

She was so tired, so hopefully she ate enough to get a good nap.  We’ll do this again next Tuesday.  I thought it would take a lot of thought, but it was really easy to find healthy choices.  I think I may only fill 4 of the muffin cups next Tuesday and see if she eats a little better.

Time to go do some hand-stitching.  I’m stitching some decorative buttons onto an apron for my niece’s birthday in November.  You know how I like to be prepared.


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