Pumpkins to Jack-O-Lanterns

These pumpkins are cute.  Three pumpkins for $4.00 is unbeatable in my book.  So what that they have a few dents in them.  Someone had to save them from pumpkin doom!

Being the germ-a-phobe that I am, I laid out newspaper and washed the pumpkins with vinegar to hopefully get rid of some of the dirt and chemicals that these poor guys were growing in.  I got out the pumpkin seed bowl, a large spoon, sharpie marker and knives.  Then, it was time to call out my husband and daughter to start some pumpkin carving fun.

This was the first time that we had ever carved pumpkins together.  It was a lot of fun!  Our daughter didn’t know what to think.  She was content just to watch, but then towards the end was putting seeds into the seed bowl and even pretended to carve her pumpkin with her knife (child safe for sure).  It was cute and she looked so proud! 

My husband and I both had different ways of approaching the carving and thought of different ways to make it the best.  My husband wanted a scary pumpkin, while I wanted a goofy one.  He thought of putting a toothpick into the candle to stabilize it inside the pumpkin.  Never thought of that before.  I thought of using a big spoon to scoop out the seeds and strings inside the pumpkin.  We both brought didn’t ideas to the table, but they turned out great!  It got us talking about our childhood and what we used to do with our pumpkins.

Here they are!!!  Can you tell which one is mine and which one is my husbands????  The one on the left is the goofy one and the middle one is the scary one.  The one of the right was the first one carved and not my best work by far.  Oh well!  

This picture was taken in the garage because it is the darkest place during the day.  We wanted to light them up right away to show our daughter.  She didn’t give them much thought.  Just looked and that was about it.  Last night though when they were all lined up and lit up on our deck, she sat on my lap and looked at them for a little while.  I’m sure next year will be a different story all together.  Holidays are so fun with children!!


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